[CentOS] more questions on setting up autofs on C7

Wed Aug 23 20:59:23 UTC 2017
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 08/23/2017 01:06 PM, Fred Smith wrote:
> so, the two lines saying: Key "syno-fredex" or key "syno-public"
> appear whenever I try to access one of those two filesystems. I AM NOT

You're using autofs to manage /mnt, so any time that *any* process 
attempts to access /mnt/syno-fredex or /mnt/syno-public, you'll get 
those errors.  That's how autofs works: access attempts in an autofs 
managed directory get passed to autofs, which looks at its maps to 
determine how to mount the path being accessed. The error you see is 
autofs telling you that something is trying to access "syno-fredex" 
under /mnt, but it doesn't have a map indicating how to mount a 
filesystem in a directory of that name.