[CentOS] Vmware No Longer Build on the New 693.1.1 kernel

Sun Aug 27 21:02:10 UTC 2017
pro alias <proalia at gmail.com>

>Build error  "Failed to build vmnet.  Failed to execute the build
>when trying to compile vmnet.Not one other shred of data in the logs
>telling me WHY it failed to build.
>I have rolled back to the last 514 kernel to use vmware but I
>don't want to recompile vmware because of the liability of not being able
>get it running again if the compilation problem is caused by one of the
>other updates.
>Anyone else found vmware problems after CR update??

The answer is to recompile the source tarball with a patch which appeared

generously provided by https://communities.vmware.com/people/dariusd .

Tried it and it works swimmingly.  Whew!