[CentOS] A potentially newbie question about vulnerability patching speed in CentOS 7.x's yum repository

Wed Aug 30 09:30:34 UTC 2017
Pete Biggs <pete at biggs.org.uk>

> Same problem happens to other software packages such as:
> glibc
> tcpdump
> libnl
> mariadb
> ...
> (and many others)
> Why is that? and are those software packages not going to get fixed?
There have been various threads concerning this in the past month. You
can find them in the archives - a couple I found by a quick scan:



Basically the updates build against 7.4 and that was only released to
the CR repository a week ago. See




It will all make it into the main repositories in due course.

Remember that CentOS is a community distro and as such resources are
limited so things don't happen immediately.  If the timing of the
release of updates is critical to you, then your best bet is to pay for
a RHEL subscription.