[CentOS] Centos 6 Samba 4 specific question

Wed Dec 13 21:00:32 UTC 2017
Kienker, Fred <fkienker at at4b.com>

I am setting up a Samba 4 installation on CentOS 6.9. I have installed
the samba4, samba4-common, and samba4-libs with all of the dependencies
using YUM which appear to be all of the samba4 packages which are


In the /usr/bin directory I can find smbcontrol and smbstatus but the
smbpasswd command is missing. Checking on a current CentOS 7 all three
of these commands are found. Of course with this command missing it’s
quite hard to set up standard Samba users in the .tdb file used in the
Classic mode.


Can someone enlighten me as to what I have done wrong?

Best regards,