[CentOS] Some problemas working with network namespaces

Wed Dec 13 21:48:52 UTC 2017
C. L. Martinez <carlopmart at gmail.com>

Hi all,

 I am trying to virtually connect two bridges on different network namespaces inside a CentOS KVM host. I have tried different configs, but this is the most closer than I can test:

	ip netns add pubnet
	ip netns exec pubnet ip link set dev lo up
	ip netns exec pubnet ifup pubif2
	ip link add dev vethpubif1 type veth peer name vethpubif2
	ovs-vsctl add-port pubif1 vethpubif1
	ip link set vethpubif2 netns pubnet
	ip netns exec pubnet brctl addif pubif2 vethpubif2
	ip link set dev vethpubif1 up
	ip netns exec pubnet ip link set dev vethpubif2 up

 Bridge in the root host network namespace is openvswitch based, and bridge inside pubnet's network namespace is brctl based. Using this config, vms attached to pubif1 openvswitch based can't ping to vms connected to vms in pubif2 bridge.

 What am i doing wrong?


C. L. Martinez