[CentOS] Offsite hosted backup solutions

Sun Dec 17 18:07:11 UTC 2017
Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at activenetwerx.com>

Given all the vendors that provide this service with both Windows and
Linux clients, Code42 is the only one I am aware of that supports sets.
For me, this was essential to prioritize urgent data over low risk changes
in the event a disaster occurs while a large directory is taking days to
upload. I would use sets with priorities and any changed data that was
important would interrupt data of negligible importance.

This worked well, however Code42 always bothered me as the software
delivery was low quality on Linux, it was a tar file and only implemented
sysv scripts and they did not have a cli interface. I worked around this as
long as I could until they retooled the app based on electron and as bad
as the ui was, it got worse.

At this point I would rather switch vendors. Anyone know of another that
meets the criteria, from what I can see it doesn't look like any support sets?