[CentOS] Abrt Error abrt-cli list --since 1484935231

Sat Jan 21 09:17:57 UTC 2017
Zulqarnain Khan <zulqarnainkhanabw at gmail.com>

Hi, hopping everyone is fine. I am using a Centos 7 server based on Nginx.

I am using the server for providing downloadable data. Around 8 TB per day
is downloaded. The server was working fine and perfectly.

I hired a freelancer to limit the download speed as i am unexperienced with
linux (Worst Mistake Ever)

he messed up the server and after 4 hours said he cant impletement a simple
limit_rate in Nginx. So i said to him revert back the changes and he said
its done.

Since then i am getting this error abrt-cli list --since 1484935231

Error typed in terminal http://prntscr.com/dy6c4a

Here is the Nginx log file http://prntscr.com/dy6k54

Here is my Php-fpm log file http://prntscr.com/dy6koa

There servers is taking too much time to respond. Even a simple yum is
taking time to respond. Listing directories is also taking time.

So please help me out.