[CentOS] yum adding 7.3 packages to 7.2 system

Fri Jan 27 00:00:21 UTC 2017
Jon LaBadie <jcu at labadie.us>

My system is 7.2.1511.

When I run "yum update", it wants to install about
900 packages total.  Most are labeled just "el7".
A few "el7_1" and a lot are "el7_3" or 7.3.
None are 7.2.

I'm not surprised when I see 50-100 packages needing
an update.  But 900?  And none specific to the
installed system?

My last update, of 4 packages, was Dec 31, 2016.
I first noted the current behavior about 10 days later
and have been trying to figure out why such an unusual

Any suggestions?

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