[CentOS] Raspberry PI3 - CentOS armv7hl gnome desktop

Mon Jan 2 02:52:16 UTC 2017
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

On 12/31/2016 04:16 PM, Paul R. Ganci wrote:
> Maybe there is a better place to post this message but as my question 
> was still CentOS related thought I would start here. Please advise if 
> there is a better forum of which to ask this question.
> I am playing around with making a "desktop" workstation out of a 
> Raspberry PI3. I have had no problems installing the OS and pretty 
> much have everything working except a Gnome desktop.

There is a Centos-arm list:

arm-dev at centos.org

Also see: