[CentOS] Amavis on Centosl help

Wed Jan 4 13:24:05 UTC 2017
Barbara Krašovec <barbara.krasovec at ijs.si>

I'm forwarding the answer from my colleague:

release notes:

- provide two new subroutines available for calling from config files:
  include_config_files() and include_optional_config_files(), each take
  a list of filenames as arguments, and reads & evaluates them just like
  normal configuration files specified on a command line (option -c
  or a default amavisd.conf). This provides a simplified and uniform
  mechanism for 'including' additional configuration files, which formerly
  could be invoked through a perl do() function. The only difference
  between include_config_files and include_optional_config_files is that
  the former aborts if some specified file does not exist, while the later
  silently ignores specified but missing files. Both/each subroutine
  may be called multiple times, recursion is allowed (but some sanity
  limit to recursion is provided); based on a suggestion by Gary V.

  Example line in amavisd.conf:

... or, uncomment the Debian/Ubuntu specific call to find_config_files
in amavisd:

# default location of the config file if none specified
if (!@config_files) {
  @config_files = ( '/etc/amavisd.conf' );
# # Debian/Ubuntu specific:
# @config_files =
#                                              '/etc/amavis/conf.d');


On 01/04/2017 01:50 PM, Tim Smith wrote:
> I'm moving from Ubuntu to CentOS 7
> Previously, on Ubuntu, installing amavisd would lead to
> etc/amavis/conf.d that contained:
>  01-debian
>  05-domain_id
>  05-node_id
>  15-av_scanners
>  15-content_filter_mode
>  20-debian_defaults
>  21-ubuntu_defaults
>  25-amavis_helpers
>  30-template_localization
>  40-policy_banks
>  50-user
> However installing amavisd on centos leads to a spaghetti config file
> (i.e. /etc/amavisd/amavisd.conf and nothing else)
> For obvious reasons I want to avoid spaghetti config, not only is it
> poor practice, but also nigh on impossible to maintain properly
> without breaking stuff.
> Assuming it is possible, how would I go about changing the Centos
> "dump" based config into a more sensible one where local site
> customisations are clearly deliniated ?
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