[CentOS] [OT] Network Attached Storage

Thu Jan 5 01:22:36 UTC 2017
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> I've been using a HP Microserver for the last couple years as my home file
> server, with FreeNAS, and 4x3TB drives.
> mine is one of the first generation N40L microservers, which I picked up
> on deep discount when they were on clearance.    I put 16GB ECC ram in
> it, and its been working quite nicely.
> --
> john r pierce, recycling bits in santa cruz

That is a nice looking unit but pricey. They are $867 with no drives on

Think I'm going with the TS140. My TS130 has been pretty solid. I can get
one w/o a HD, Xeon processor,  for under $400.

I tried installing freenas as a vm on virtualbox last night for a test run
and got into a loop of reboots. I followed the directions in their
documentation. Never got it working. After about a dozen tries, I gave up.

It has me worried about buying all this hardware and not being able to get
it setup.

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My go to for small storage arrays is a project called Openmediavault.
Volker I believe was involved at one time with freenas and decided to go
his own way with an implementation based on Linux and morals. I'm a Linux
guy and went this route,  its very well done and has a good user forum,  I
have several installations running and they have been solid. It's based on
Debian but I don't hold that against him. ;)

I tend to always just do raid10 with my group's, syncing is fast and if I
need to drop to a command line it's just normal mdraid commands.

My .02