[CentOS] SELinux upgrade

Thu Jan 19 08:57:20 UTC 2017
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

On 19/01/17 09:43, Marcin Trendota wrote:
> Hello All
> After recent system upgrade (this night) i lost access to two servers
> through SSH, because of change in SELinux policy - i have ssh there on
> different port and now it's gone.
> Thanks to puppet i was able to change SSH port back to default and log
> in, but is this expected behavior? I thought minor upgrade shouldn't
> break up things?
> Or maybe "semanage port -a -t ssh_port_t -p tcp port" isn't enough to
> ensure persistency?

It's normally enough, there is no need to do it again, except if it lost
all custom settings and booleans. Something to try on a VM (setup CentOS
7.3.1611, modify it without updating it, verify that it works, and then
update it)
If problem can be reproduced, I'd say open a bug on bugs.centos.org
*and* upstream bugzilla.redhat.com and link the two together

Fabian Arrotin
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