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Thu Jan 19 13:06:30 UTC 2017
Albert McCann <albert.mccann at outlook.com>

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> So, I bought an OOMA. Turns out it uses a number of ports, three of which
> are reserved, 53 TCP/UDP, 110 TCP and 443 TCP. These ports have already
> been port forwarded from my cable modem/router to my server.

> I'm thinking this isn't going to work unless I change some ports on my
> server, which I'm not willing to do.
> I spent over 30 minutes with their support people last night. It appears
> the ports cannot be changed on the OOMA device.

Try connecting it up behind your existing router, and see if it connects and works. I used to have a Vonage device, and it did the same exact nonsense, yet it still worked fine when behind the NAT in the main router. The web server and rest of the networked devices all still remained connected to the original router. You may need to forward some UDP ports, such as these from the OOMA website, UDP 1194,UDP 3386, UDP 3480, UDP 10000-30000.


Whenever I needed to configure the Vonage, I had to connect a notebook to the Vonage Ethernet ports to gain access to the web server port.

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