[CentOS] samba rpm deps - with yum downgrade = kind of a mayhem

Thu Jan 26 11:44:06 UTC 2017
lejeczek <peljasz at yahoo.co.uk>

On 25/01/17 14:26, Jonathan Billings wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 11:32:16AM +0000, lejeczek wrote:
>> hi guys, gals
>> do you see this:
>> ~]$ yum downgrade samba
>> Resolving Dependencies
>> [...]
>> --> Processing Dependency: libtevent.so.0(TEVENT_0.9.9) for package:
>> samba-client-libs-4.4.4
>> ..and process fails.
>> chained are i686 arch? Is it only us(centos) or redhat's bugzilla should be
>> notified.
>> Samba downgrade used to work I remember.
> Most likely there are dependencies that aren't available in your
> current repos that are preventing the downgrade.  Perhaps its due to
> the recent point release to 7.1611?
> The packages installed with a 'yum downgrade' are unlikely to be
> supported, so this is probably not really something that CentOS
> supports.
but Centos should, right?
Being able to downgrade can save you a day or a few. I know, 
for it did save mine several times, eg. buggy samba new 
update and downgrade fixed it, etc.
We absolutely should be able to downgrade every rpm, if this 
is just a matter of an opinion(I'd fail to see any other 
reasons to not do it) then my vote goes obviously to - 
Centos/repos maintainers please make sure "yum downgrade" 
will always work.

many thank,