[CentOS] vfstp and renaiming of files with ftp client

Thu Jul 13 15:59:46 UTC 2017
Pete Biggs <pete at biggs.org.uk>

> The permissions for the upload folder are drwx-wx--- and the owner is
> Bob group is ftpuploadgroup
> Alice is member of that group, but should only drop files in.
> The files are ownd by Alice, and I'm bit iritated, taht Bob can rename
> tham ... as Bob only has read permision (from the group)

A directory is just a special file which holds information on other
files (such as names and the inodes those names point to). As such in
order to rename a file you need write permission to the directory
special file (i.e. '.') - the ownership and permissions of the file in
question are not involved in renaming.

> The files in a subfolder have the same permissions and Bob cant change
> tham...
Because Bob does not have write permission to the directory.

As someone else said, tell us what your aim is and we can try and tell
you what file/directory permissions need to be applied. It may be that
what you are trying to do is not possible within the standard Unix
permissions, but some filesystems have extended ACLs which could help.