[CentOS] Cron sending to root after changing MAILTO

Wed Jul 19 21:24:52 UTC 2017
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Am 19.07.2017 um 22:46 schrieb Chad Cordero:
> I am running CentOS 7 on an outbound gateway server running Postfix.  I have a couple of cron jobs I was expecting to see in my email that never showed up.  It turns out that they were delivered to root, which is restricted on our exchange server, instead of the address I defined.  Please help.

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Best is to define a mail alias for the root user. That way you have it 
defined at a single place for all occurances of mail destined to root.

To do so edit /etc/aliases at the very bottom where you find a 
pre-defined but commented setting:

# Person who should get root's mail
#root:          marc

Change it to

root:		ecssupport at csusb.edu

and run `newaliases' after that change. It is always a good idea to 
verify that the database file, which is the one really used, has been 
changed and carries a new time flag.


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