[CentOS] Fedora bugs and EOL [was Re: CentOS users: please try and provide feedback on Fedora] Boltron

Sun Jul 30 14:41:12 UTC 2017
Walter H. <Walter.H at mathemainzel.info>

On 30.07.2017 14:29, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> I personally have a Fedora machine that I keep updated and do some work
> on all the time learning/testing.  I just seamlessly upgraded it from
> Fedora 25 to Fedora 26 using a couple of dnf commands .. awesome
> experience actually.
because of this feature to upgrade from one release to the next, I 
thought to test this on my old computer;
fedora itself works fine, but this upgrade from 25 to 26 broke the 
vmware workstaion completely ...
it doesn't work any more, any hints in net which could be found don't 
work ...
and this was the goal to have a linux running with vmware workstation 
instead of my old windows ...

but as it seems there is no way of achiving this ...

> Obviously looking at Fedora 26 and the new Modularity components will be
> helpful for anyone who will be upgrading to newer RHEL or CentOS
> releases in the future.
in case it is just a server this is already supported by RHEL  (from 6 to 7)