[CentOS] Thanks to every one

Sun Jul 16 07:18:02 UTC 2017
Andreas Benzler <andreas at benzlerweb.de>

Thanks to all offers free service to provide Centos.

Why? After I had the BIOS for the laptop T440 & docking station had I
had immediately after the first installation works, without any

Since I know how hard such a work is, I thank everyone in the community
to make that possible.

Without a stable base I can not perform my Linux tests.

Since I often have the time micht Rolling releases like ArchLinux or
every half year, I know at the latest after a year, a Fedora update to
perform is CentOS exactly the correct. I do not need the GUI support as
in OpenSuSE, because who comes times from the shell knows what I mean.

Most cluster nodes in my work are computing machines with an average run
time of 220 days, usually over a year before they need a reboot. When I
think about my virtual Windows 10, which every week requires a restart.

I had already more than 30 distros active in my hands, but none read so
easily. Of course you can always improve something here and there and
yet it comes on a good basis.

Furthermore, I find the handling of rpm easily understandable.

Small supplement to my repo:

- I provide the packages of my work 
- They are not signed because I do not see you directly as an additional
repository for everyone, rather than as an exponential fundus.
- Each external repostory changes the basic system.
- new dependencies to the packages.
- Users also indirectly depend on it.
- Repositories in the past have already led to a new split of the basis.
Best example: Debian -> Ubuntu -> Linux Mint. I don't like that point at
- The holder is bound, in a certain way, to the care and demand of the
Community. - I definitely miss the time.

All in all ... thanks to everyone