[CentOS] Urgent: Need to change the location of a directory tree

Thu Jun 1 15:06:24 UTC 2017
Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr>


I am running CentOS 7 (fully updated) on a VM. This has a mounted nfs 
share (via fstab) (which mounts a remote storage system) on which we 
have created the home directories of 2 users

Here are the home directories:


We want to move this whole branch from the mounted NFS share to the 
local disk.

What is the way to do so?

Would it be enough to create a "mirror" branch on the local disk, say:


(which is no more an nfsmount, despite the name), then remove the mount 
from fstab and the initial mount point /scimount and finally rename 
/scimount2 to /scimount ?

Does it sound OK? Will we need to modify any other system info so that 
the above homes work correctly at their new location?

Thanks a lot,