[CentOS] icecc/icecream for CentOS 7

Fri Jun 30 09:59:53 UTC 2017
Danny Smit <danny.smit.0 at gmail.com>

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a way to install icecc/icecream on CentOS 7 for
distributed builds, preferably like any other package rpm a

I already found some effort done by someone else to create an rpm
package for CentOS 7 and published in a private repository :

This package already seem to work. However, if possible, I prefer a
solution that is used/available for the whole world to use.

I noticed that with CentOS 6 a iceream package was provided by the
epel repositories. With CentOS 7 this package is not included anymore.
Does anyone know if there is a chance it will be included in the epel
(or some other thirdparty) repository for CentOS 7 again? Or if there
is a better place to ask this question?