[CentOS] C6 or C7 for an old netbook

Mon Jun 5 16:27:00 UTC 2017
Scott Robbins <scottro11 at gmail.com>

> On Mon, Jun 05, 2017 at 10:31:10AM -0400, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> > I've got an old HP Netbook, which is just fine for taking with when I'm
> > travelling, to check email and news. I have a very old Ubuntu
> > netbook-remix on it, and it really, *really* needs to be updated to
> > something current. I, of course, would prefer CentOS....
> > 
> > The question is: I see that *if* the specs I just looked up (I'm at work,
> > not home, where I could just turn it on, but they sound right) Atom N270
> > CPU, 2G RAM, 160GB drive - what should I put on it, C6 or C7? Upgrading
> > the memory's not going to happen, so it's got to live with that size.

Depending upon what desktop you want or need, a Fedora 25 is still
available in i386.  You can download the netinst, do a minimal install then
add your desktop. It's probably the closest thing to CentOS for now.
Something like openbox, or even better, dwm, probably wouldn't strain its
resources too much. 

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