[CentOS] systemd order help?

Tue Jun 13 12:41:50 UTC 2017
Matthew Miller <mattdm at mattdm.org>

On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 01:33:33PM +0100, James Hogarth wrote:
> >> Depending on your setup, you many want to look at converting your
> >> automatic mounts into systemd mounts, and depend on that directly,
> >> rather than on the autofs service.
> But unless you need a complicated map arrangement I'd argue on EL7
> you'd be better off using the fstab option to make the mount automount

Yeah, exactly what I meant with the first paragraph above. :)

I've seen some prettttty complicated setups. And by seen, I mean "been
responsible for". And by "responsible", I mean "to blame". :)

Matthew Miller
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