[CentOS] Re: Markdown editor for CentOS 7?

Fri Jun 16 11:25:34 UTC 2017
Yamaban <foerster at lisas.de>

On Fri, 16 Jun 2017 11:27, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:

> Hi,
> I recently discovered Markdown, and I'm currently using it to write some
> documentation for CentOS 7.
> https://github.com/kikinovak/formation-linux
> For the time being, I'm using my good old Vim editor for writing it. I
> turned off syntax highlighting, since this produces random results with
> Markdown.
> Pages are correctly displayed on Github, but in order to see them, I
> have to push them to the server. Now I wonder if there's a good WYSIWYG
> editor for Markdown, or at least something where I can check locally
> what the page looks like.
> Any suggestions?
> Niki Kovacs

First, there are "preview" plugins for vim, you might want to look at them 

Other than that, -well, I'm unsure about the availablitlity on Centos7-, 
but there are:

* "ReText" (switchable preview) https://github.com/retext-project/retext
* "Remarkable" (Live previev side by side) http://remarkableapp.github.io/ 
* "Atom" (not native, slow) http://atom.io/
* "Sublime Text" (Pay-ware) http://www.sublimetext.com/
* "Typora" (not tested by me) https://typora.io/
* "Haroopad" (Discontinued) http://pad.haroopress.com/
(this list is not in any way complete)

for more info, have a look at the article on tecmint.com:

and on slant.co there is a more up-do-date article:

Another hint: finding packages for progams can be a timeconsuming job,
sites like https://pkgs.org/ makes it easier.

  - Yamaban