[CentOS] Markdown editor for CentOS 7?

Fri Jun 16 14:50:50 UTC 2017
Yamaban <foerster at lisas.de>

On Fri, 16 Jun 2017 16:39, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Le 16/06/2017 à 16:03, Nicolas Kovacs a écrit :
>> Thanks very much for your advice! This is a real life-changer for me. I
>> had to fiddle a couple hours with Node.js and tweaking Vim until
>> Markdown was handled correctly, but now I have a really nice work
>> environment for Markdown.
>> https://pasteboard.co/f7IluMot.png
> I wrote a little documentation with some detailed installation
> instructions, so others can benefit from this.
> https://github.com/kikinovak/formation-linux/blob/master/cours/Nodejs.md
> https://github.com/kikinovak/formation-linux/blob/master/cours/Vim-Markdown.md

Happy to be able to help. For me, the node.js stuff was to complex at the
time I urgendly had to have a markdown-editor, right now, and I ended up 
with "Remarkable" for the fiddly stuff, but most of my editing is done in

But, like most, that have taken a liking to a specific editor,
my id be vim, eclipse, emacs, or else, we are looking in our
most liked environment first. Nice to see it worked for you.

Cheers, and have a nice Weekend,
  - Yamaban