[CentOS] looking for graphing tools

Tue Jun 20 01:47:35 UTC 2017
Mark LaPierre <marklapier at gmail.com>

Hey Fred,

If you can organize your data into a spreadsheet you can use the built
in graphing abilities of LibreOffice Calc.  That should be sufficient
for a limited use application like you are describing.

I use LibreOffice Calc to make an hourly graph of my Internet upload and
download speed performance.

On 06/19/17 15:26, Fred Smith wrote:
> Hi!
> I have bazillions of incoming (rejected) attempts to connect to my
> SMTP server, and I'm interested in separating out those that seem
> to come in huge bunches (e.g., the one from yesterday that ran for
> about 10 hours and sent over 4100 attempts), and graphing them so
> I can see the spacing and/or distribution in time.
> I can figure out some simple scripting to turn the maillog entries
> into times since the epoch, or other formats, if needed, but I have
> no experience with the various graphing tools availabe, or even
> what (or where) they are.
> I'd appreciate pointers-and-or-advice, should any of you have any
> such things to give.
> thanks in advance!
> Fred

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