[CentOS] looking for graphing tools

Tue Jun 20 08:27:48 UTC 2017
Pete Biggs <pete at biggs.org.uk>

> I can figure out some simple scripting to turn the maillog entries
> into times since the epoch, or other formats, if needed, but I have
> no experience with the various graphing tools availabe, or even
> what (or where) they are.

If you are talking about scripting graphs, then Gnuplot is what you
need - it's in the core centos distro I think.

If you want a dedicated gui graphing application, then you can't go far
wrong with Grace - it's in EPEL. I've used it for producing publication
quality plots but it's equally capable of dealing with everyday
graphing. The native save file format is simple and plain text, so it's
quite easy to generate the files using a script which can then be read
straight in to grace and will have correct axes, lables, etc.