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Mon Jun 26 23:49:47 UTC 2017
James A. Peltier <jpeltier at sfu.ca>

Bind does not have a method to do multi-master replication.  All updates must be done via an intermediary service (database).

In our case, we've used containers and Consul for providing a highly available DNS service.  A container will fire up and race for the master lock.  It will dump the contents of the database into its named configurations and assuming it has the lock will assume the IP address of the master.  Others just come up as slaves.

If the master lock is not renewed after a given period of time another container can acquire the lock and become master by assuming the IP address of master (VRRP/VRID/KeepAliveD)

----- On 25 Jun, 2017, at 09:22, Vijay Rajah me at rvijay.me wrote:

| Hello all,
| We have  quite a bit of environment on "cloud". We are using our own
| domain names. For this purpouse we stood up a  BIND9 DNS instance on
| Centos 7. And, this being the cloud, we enabled key based dynamic DNS
| for instances to register themselves when they are spun-up. We have a
| single master and multiple slaves. all is well, untill mater goes down
| and we need to spin-up additional instances. Single master has become
| somewhat of a bottleneck
| I have looked around, not able to find any solution, for a stable
| Multi-master DNS setup (outside of Windows AD).
| Does any one have any specific pointers?
| -Thanks in advance
| Vijay
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