[CentOS] Finding lshw and flash-plugin or alternates

Wed Mar 1 22:06:58 UTC 2017
Richard <lists-centos at listmail.innovate.net>

> Date: Wednesday, March 01, 2017 13:36:26 -0800
> From: david <david at daku.org>
> Dear CentOS Gurus
> I have been using "repoforge.org" primarily to obtain two RPMs,
> "lshw" and "flash-plugin".  I recently realized that
> "repoforge.org" should not be used, as it has had no updates for a
> long long time.  But, when I search for the RPMs within the repos:
>   base
>   centosplus
>   contrib
>   epel
>   extras
>   updates
> the lshw program is nowhere to be found.  I value its ability to
> inventory the hardware, and construct an attractive HTML page.
> So, for each of these two programs,
>   - is there a repo I can add that would cover what I need
>   - is there an alternate program in the case of lshw
> This applies no only to Centos 6 (32 & 64), but also Centos 7.

I'm seeing lshw 64 in base for both -6 and -7

  lshw.x86_64      B.02.17-4.el6     base    
  lshw-gui.x86_64  B.02.17-4.el6     base  

  lshw.x86_64      B.02.17-12.el7    base      
  lshw-gui.x86_64  B.02.17-12.el7    base   

Now that they are doing development on the linux version again, I use
the Adobe repo at:


for my flash plugin (on -7).