[CentOS] From Networkmanager to self managed configuration files

Wed Mar 8 12:14:18 UTC 2017
Steve Clark <steve.clark at netwolves.com>

On 03/08/2017 05:52 AM, John Hodrien wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Mar 2017, Giles Coochey wrote:
>> Not really, Redhat/Centos has a lot to offer, but for me, networking is a 
>> one-time configuration, and the best way to configure it is using something 
>> that falls within this principle:
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle
>> I'm not flaming NetworkManager, I'm just stating that for many (perhaps 
>> most), it is over-engineered for a server orientated distribution. I can run 
>> with the script above on 30 server instances, and it doesn't, as yet, break 
>> any of the other features of Centos that I enjoy.
> It means you're stuck in your own hand crafted niche.  Which is fine, but it's
> up to you to maintain the niche, or you find yourself using obsolete tools
> like ifconfig and route.
> I'd argue there's a gulf between keeping things simple and doing things your
> own way.
> jh

Yes it is really hard!

ip address add dev enp0s25
ip route add default via dev enp0s25
echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf
echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf

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