[CentOS] From Networkmanager to self managed configuration files

Wed Mar 8 13:54:27 UTC 2017
Giles Coochey <giles at coochey.net>

On 08/03/17 13:16, Steve Clark wrote:
> Let us have a vote - how many of us do teaming/bonding/vlans on our servers?
> Our networking gear does that in our installation.
The majority of my servers are virtual, if I need multiple subnets 
(VLANs) then I have multiple cards.
Their throughput does not require bonding, resiliency is performed at a 
different level - by having multiple load balanced VMs.

I have to admit, on one hypervisor I use  VLANs, but actually use 
NetworkManager in that case - and it worked since installation, if I 
have a problem with it in the future though, I will resort to scripting 
it as well :-) - It would be the simplest way for me to resolve the 
issue - I can't afford to wait for patches to a monolithic, as you say, 
black-box system, which is in effect just trying to apply sanity 
checking a bunch of scripts in the first place.

I don't add VLANs and Bonds on my servers for _fun_, they are there to 
run the applications and infrastructure - faffing around with that once 
a server is in production is just asking for trouble.


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