[CentOS] Processing Conflict: speexdsp-1.2-0.9.rc3.el6.x86_64

Tue Mar 14 21:37:03 UTC 2017
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Am 14.03.2017 um 16:08 schrieb James B. Byrne:
> Processing Conflict: speexdsp-1.2-0.9.rc3.el6.x86_64 conflicts speex
> <= 1.2-0.21.rc1
> I am loath to replace things on my primary workstation as I have far
> too much to do as it is without dealing with self-inflicted injuries.
> However, I do use Jitsi as a softphone and the latest version has a
> dependency on a package in EPEL which replaces something from the base
> distro.
> Can someone inform me of what issues, if any, would replacing speex
> with speexdsp likely cause?  I have a lot of packages that depend upon
> speex. Installing speexdsp by itself seems to indicate that it is not
> considered an upgrade or replacement for speex.  One just conflicts
> with the other.


The conflict is defined in the RPM. You may talk with the EPEL package