[CentOS] Centos-6.8 fsck and lvms

Sat Mar 18 19:37:53 UTC 2017
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 03/18/2017 10:46 AM, James B. Byrne wrote:
> When I try to run fsck on any of them I see the following error:
> fsck from util-linux-ng.2.17.2
> e2fsck 1.41.12.(17-May-2010)
> fsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/vg. . .

Once you've completed enabling the logical volumes, use "pvs" to view 
the physical volumes, "vgs" to view the volume groups, and "lvs" to view 
the active logical volumes.

Look for the block devices in /dev/mapper.  You should not see "no such 
file or directory" if you're using paths that you can see under /dev/.