[CentOS] Need help

Mon Mar 20 19:31:27 UTC 2017
Styma, Robert (Nokia - US) <robert.styma at nokia.com>

> You are right it is a Dell PowerEdge. However as I said it stops in the
 > middle of booting with no message.
When it behaves weird like that, starting to boot and then quitting and it is a Dell, open the case and look at the motherboard.  Look for failed electrolytic capacitors.  They usually have scribe marks on the top in the form of an "X" or a "K".  The failed ones will be bulging up or actually split.  

If it is a corporate machine under maintenance, make Dell fix it.  If it is your machine or not under warrantee and you want to fix it, it is not that hard.  Capacitors are available on Amazon.  You can read the value off the side of the capacitor.

Bob S.