[CentOS] Need help

Tue Mar 21 02:54:19 UTC 2017
Keith Keller <kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us>

On 2017-03-20, Styma, Robert (Nokia - US) <robert.styma at nokia.com> wrote:
> I am also using CentOS, but to get a bug fixed, you have to go upstream to RedHat.   I think John Pierce is right, I had to change my run level to get the alternate consoles to work.  I still have the machine at run level 3 hoping that a bug fix lets me go back to run level 5.   Other machines work fine, just the 2 with the MACH64 video on the motherboard will no longer run X.

In previous versions of CentOS, runlevel 5 put a virtual console on
console 7, so ctrl-alt-F7 to switch to that console might work if changing
the default runlevel is not feasible.  Note that if X is trying to do
something and not letting go of the virtual console, then you need ctrl
in addition to alt-FN because X will intercept a plain alt-FN.  (I
usually set my servers to runlevel 3 by default, so I haven't tried this
on CentOS in a while.  My Ubuntu laptop does put a console on F7 even in
runlevel 5.)


kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us