[CentOS] Using Apache 2.2 config files on Apache 2.4

Thu Mar 2 13:22:25 UTC 2017
Mark Weaver <mweaver at compinfosystems.com>

Hello List,

I'm in the process of migrating LAMP servers. I've got a C5 LAMP server
in my rack that has been running faithfully without complaint for the
past 9 years. In some ways I really hate to move out of it, but there
are things to get done, things to consider and reasons that make the
migration necessary.

I've got a C7 server loaded and the basic configuration partially
completed. All the packages I need to replace the old server are in
place. But I've reached a point where something has come up and I don't
know the answer to:

Can I use the configuration files and methods I'm accustomed to from
apache 2,2 from my C5 server with Apache 2.4 on the new C7 server?

I've been looking at the way thing are done with Apache 2.4 on C7 and in
regards to SSL configuration I really don't care for it. It seems
convoluted and a bit unnecessarily complicated. /I'm sure there's a good
reason for it... I'm either not seeing it, or I'm sub-consciously not
interested in why it's this way./

Thanks in advance,