[CentOS] mirror for debug_info repo

Tue Mar 28 21:49:15 UTC 2017
jsl6uy js16uy <js16uy at gmail.com>

Hello all hope all is well.
We pull down via rsync from a Centos mirror for general updates/os/etc. I
don't see a mirror for debuginfo.centos.org::centos-debuginfo well
The banner for the site states you should only use this site if you plan to
be a public mirror. I have not checked every site on the centos mirror
list, checked 10 to 15 in the US, but the only one I found that even had a
folder for a debug_info sync stated: "due to size this has been moved to
I am only syncing debuginfo.centos.org::centos-debuginfo/7/x86_64 and i386.
Should I pull from here? Is there a better place?
Just trying to do the right thing net/netizen resource usage wise

Any help/guidance appreciated

thanks all