[CentOS] Centos 7 Samba - all shares read only

Mon May 8 12:21:47 UTC 2017
Gary Stainburn <gary at ringways.co.uk>

On Monday 08 May 2017 12:50:44 Jose Maria Terry Jimenez wrote:
> Did you tried something like:
> create mask = 0764
> and
> directory mode = 0775
> For folders
> In the share setup?

No, but I do now.

> Under which user/group are the files created? (i mean, once created, in
> the shared folder in Linux, what the user and group are?
> Also something like:
> force group = smbusers (or anything else you want)

Also added

> May help (add the users to that group)
> Best,

I have done some testing and found that I have got to the point where I can 
create a 'New Text Document', edit it in notepad and save the changes.

I can now also create a new blank spreadsheet, save it, load it, edit and save 
the changes.

However, if I open an existing spreadsheet it still comes up as read only.  
Doing a 'ls -l' on the original file shows a '+' on the end of the file 
permissions.  Other files have a '.' on the end.  The newly created files 
have a normal file permission.

I've had a quick Google and found that the '+' indicates a ACL has been 
applied.  I have no idea how this happened as until now I wasn't even aware 
of them.

Is there an easy way to remove the ACL from all of the files in these 
directory trees?