[CentOS] cannot access file: Input/output error

Tue May 9 21:15:05 UTC 2017
James D. Parra <jamesp at musicreports.com>

I have a file on a backup usb drive that I get the following error:

# ls -ls P*
ls: cannot access Power usage.xls: Input/output error

How can I delete this file so that the nightly backup will write out the 
current version to the backup drive?

I tried:

# rm -f Power\ usage.xls
rm: cannot remove `Power usage.xls': Input/output error

Which you can see did not work.



See if OpenOffice or LibreOffice has the file open. The temp file name should have tilde in front of it. For example, ~Power usage.xls. Delete that file and that may resolve the input/output error.

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