[CentOS] kickstart: dracut-initqueue fails due to unresolvable hostname even though network config looks perfectly ok

Mon May 15 20:05:24 UTC 2017
Frank Thommen <list.centos at drosera.ch>


On 15/05/17 19:30, Tru Huynh wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 03:04:03PM +0200, Frank Thommen wrote:
>> This problem still bites us.  I've tried to play around with DHCP
>> settings (rd.net.timeout.dhcp, rd.net.dhcp.retry) to no avail.
>> I'm happy about /any/ hint.
> 1) ip route seems ok, but what does your /etc/resolv.conf looks like?

/etc/resolv.conf is 100% ok once I am in the dracut emergency shell and 
name resolution works fine.  However I don't know how it looks at the 
time of the error message - that is during dracut-initqueue - and I have 
no idea how I could check that.

> 2) could you try with 7.3.1611, 7.2.1511 is no longer supported.

Unfortunateyl not.  Due to special hardware (Infiniband, FPGA) and 
special lustre drivers we are currently bound to this specific release.