[CentOS] What's Next

Wed May 17 05:11:26 UTC 2017
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

On 05/16/2017 09:54 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 5/16/2017 8:34 PM, Eugene Poole wrote:
>> OK, AMD has announced it's new line of server and desktop processors.
>> What level of CentOS has been tested on them? OK then, when will
>> CentOS be tested on them? Or do we wait for Red Hat?
> If AMD's new CPUs aren't 100% compatible with existing software w/o
> needing special versions, AMD is shooting themselves in the foot.

There's a difference between compatible and optimal.

I can use my nVidia card with CentOS without needing to install any 
special drivers. It will work. However it works better with drivers 
specifically designed for it.

The same *may* be true of chipsets for AMD. I do not know, but would 
like to know. It's possible that it will install and boot but work 
better with drivers that Red Hat does not (yet) include in their kernel.

Time will tell. I suspect if that is the case and if AMD is open with 
their chipset that RHEL engineers will backport the drivers. But that 
may not be an issue so I guess it is wait and see, unless someone knows.