[CentOS] more recent perl version?

Wed May 24 12:21:33 UTC 2017
Pete Biggs <pete at biggs.org.uk>

> Thanks, I tried rh-perl, and it worked for a test.  It does not replace the existing
> perl installation.  You have to explicitly use that version.

Yes, that's how SCL works. A lot of system software uses perl (and
python and gcc) so replacing the installed version without testing the
effect it might have on the system is not advisable.  i.e. things will
break. The whole point of the RHEL/CentOS is that the versions of
software are stable (strong and stable even) and that everything is
exhaustively tested to make sure things work.

> Im not sure if thats possible for CGI.  I do get 5.24 after running
> 'scl enable rh-perl524 bash'.  Is there a way to get that for CGI?

All (!) that the 'scl enable' command does is to set environment
variables for things like PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If you can do that
for the CGI environment, then it will pick up the correct perl version.
But don't ever be tempted to make updated versions the default.