[CentOS] System Time Source

Wed May 24 14:32:28 UTC 2017
Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net>

Once upon a time, Chris Olson <chris_e_olson at yahoo.com> said:
> One of our STEM interns recently observed that there are
> inexpensive clocks that sync via radio to standard time
> services.  This begged a question about why every computer
> would not have a radio module to receive time.  Our senior
> staff did not have a good answer or if time from such a
> radio module would be supported by the operating system.

Only a very small percentage of computers sold need higher accuracy than
can already be obtained from existing network sources.  Many computers
also are not in a position to receive the radio signals; both the
satellite (GPS, GLONAS, etc.) and terrestrial (WWVB, MSF, etc.) signals
are relatively difficult to pick up indoors.

Also, while the receiver cost has come down significantly over the
years, a typical timing GPS receiver module and antenna is still at
least $50, which is a large amount of money compared to the razor-thin
margins most computer manufacturers operate under, and would be a
significant price increase on a $500 computer.  The GPS cost would come
down some in volume, but not enough to make it a "throw in".

Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net>