[CentOS] System Time Source

Wed May 24 14:39:14 UTC 2017
Markku Kolkka <markku.kolkka at pp.inet.fi>

Chris Olson kirjoitti 24.5.2017 klo 16.53:
> One of our STEM interns recently observed that there are
> inexpensive clocks that sync via radio to standard time
> services.  This begged a question about why every computer
> would not have a radio module to receive time.

Terrestrial time services like DCF77 or WWV cover only part of the
world, and satellite based GPS time receivers don't work reliably
indoors. So every computer wouldn't be able to use a radio time receiver.

>  Our senior
> staff did not have a good answer or if time from such a
> radio module would be supported by the operating system.

The NTP server supports a large number of different radio clocks:

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