[CentOS] more recent perl version?

Wed May 24 15:38:50 UTC 2017
hw <hw at gc-24.de>

Warren Young schrieb:
> On May 24, 2017, at 7:05 AM, hw <hw at gc-24.de> wrote:
>> apache uses mod_perl
> mod_perl was dropped from Apache in 2.4, and Red Hat followed suit with RHEL 7.

What is it using instead?

The rh-httpd24 does not seem to use a more recent version of

>> But there is a package 'rh-perl524-mod_perl’.
> That must be someone’s backport.  As someone who migrated a mod_perl based app off of mod_perl several years ago, I recommend that you do not use it, unless you have old mod_perl based software that you cannot migrate to newer technologies like FastCGI, Plack, etc.

Migrating it is one thing I need look into.

> I hope this does not strike you as inconsistent with respect to my prior posts, since that would be to construct a false equivalence between abandoned software and maintained stable software that is getting no new features.

Not at all --- the point is that software usually becomes abandoned
once a more recent version becomes available.

> Also, you speak of CGI.  CGI is not at all the same thing as mod_perl.  You use one or the other, not both together.  You’d know it if you were using mod_perl.

I never really cared what it´s using because it simply works.  Only
it doesn´t work on Centos because the perl version it uses is too old.

Since I don´t want to rewrite the software, what else can I do but look
for a way to get it to work before concluding that Centos is not suited
for this purpose.