[CentOS] High load average of processes on CentOS 7.3.1611

Tue May 9 08:30:13 UTC 2017
Lakshay Mudgal <mudgal.lakshay at gmail.com>


I am working on an application which I previously tested on Centos6.6 and
now after compiling same application on centos7.3.1611 and running I am
observing a high load average. load avg with centos 6.6 remained to be 1.5
in same test where it remains >4.5 in centos 7.3.1611. The application uses
high network resource to communicate over UDP and SCTP.

there is zero process disk IO with application(zero logging in runtime).

Though CPU usage of application is same but load average is consistently
high and I am not able to debug the reason. Any insights.

*Warm Regards*
*Lakshay Mudgal*