[CentOS] Google-chrome-stable

Sun May 21 07:37:04 UTC 2017
Rob Kampen <rkampen at kampensonline.com>

Over the last week or so I have noticed that chrome fails to load pages 
- in fact even the setup pages do not load.

Blow away the ~/.config/google-chrome/ files and restart

Seems to work for a little while - then stops again - no other pages load.

I have done the cleanup of the .config/google-chrome directory and then 
with the fresh session tried both with my google account and without any 
account - same result.

I have just done an update in the hope it may fix things so now running 
Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)

What is going on? Firefox is working just fine.

[rkampen at robsc7 google-chrome]$ rpm -qa |grep google

Any suggestions appreciated.