[CentOS] question about shared samba directory file permissions..

Mon May 22 19:57:40 UTC 2017
Jason Welsh <jason.welsh at mercurygate.com>

im trying to set up a shared samba directory for users to use on centos 
7, but whenever I create a file from the samba client to the samba server,
the owner of the file ends up being the user the share is mounted up as..
on the server (server1),

     comment = samba share
     path = /samba/
     read only = No
     valid users = @samba
     write list = @samba
     force group = +samba
     create mask = 0770
     browseable = yes

[root at server1 ~]# grep samba /etc/group
[root at server1 ~]# id user2
uid=2010(user2) gid=2010(user2) groups=2010(user2),6666(samba)

on the client (server2),

[root at server2 ~]# grep samba /etc/group

[user2 at server2 samba]$ pwd
[user2 at server2 samba]$ df -h ./
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
//rhce1/samba    11G  4.5G  5.8G  44% /mnt/samba
[user2 at server2 samba]$ touch file
[user2 at server2 samba]$ ls -al file
-rw-rw----. 1 *user3* samba 0 May 22 15:52 file
[user2 at server2 samba]$ id
uid=2010(user2) gid=2010(user2) groups=2010(user2),6666(samba) 
[user2 at server2 samba]$

any ideas?