[CentOS] low end file server with h/w RAID - recommendations

Thu Nov 2 15:07:34 UTC 2017
Leroy Tennison <leroy at datavoiceint.com>

Good to know about the HPE and Dell "gotchas", thanks to those who posted.

I can speak to SuperMicro (11 systems, mostly X9 and X10).  Hardware seems to be fine, management utilities (IPMI - like iLO) are more basic.  The real heartburn right now is that the browsers for Linux have pretty much dropped NPAPI which means remote console doesn't work since it needs Java.  They have alternatives on their web site (look for IPMIView and IPMICFG).  One of their solutions only works with Gnome (but I don't remember which one - too long ago).  Differing versions of IPMI firmware have their own quirks.  Bottom line: support is there but more basic and not as easy to use.

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I just put a call into AT&T Office 365 asking them to explain the spoof warning thing...

To answer your question....

At the moment, no I can't. I like HPE stuff, we bought a DL380 gen9 say five months ago and totally happy with it. In fairness, its running Server 2012 r2 too but I didn't run into the hardware gotchas I did on the other stuff. It just seems HPE skimped on their lower end stuff and CentOS 6.x doesn't play well. 

This whole incident with the DL20 JUST happened. It's (finally) been spinning Server 2012 r2 for about a week now. It was a long 5 week process just to get to to this answer.

I haven't had the time to research out what my next buys are going to be. I'm listening as well if someone has a suggestion.

Honestly, I'm leaning against Dell because their stuff just doesn't seem to be built to last. We have 1 T620, 2 R620 servers. So far just past the 5 year mark, 3 dead hard drives, 2 power supplies. That is with the machines mostly TURNED OFF. (Failed IT project after I was hired; aborted a move to a new ERP system) With my personal Dell laptop just bought 4 months ago, periodically get the 6 beep on power on error. Tells me Dell quality / quality control might not be where it needs to be. 

Then again, I get a constant flow of HPE advisories..... :(

I've thinking of taking a look at Supermicro severs. 

Bottom line is, they all have their quirks, problems, deficiencies....

WHY did Lenovo have to quit selling the RS140's? I *LOVE* those machines.... Fast, reliable and just work GREAT with Centos 6.9!



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Richard Zimmerman wrote:
> DO NOT buy the newer HPE DL20 gen9 or ML10 gen9 servers then (especially if using CentOS 6.x)

What would you suggest as alternative, something from Dell?
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