[CentOS] low end file server with h/w RAID - recommendations

Thu Nov 2 16:49:03 UTC 2017
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On Thu, November 2, 2017 11:18 am, hw wrote:
> m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>> hw wrote:
>>> Richard Zimmerman wrote:
>>>> DO NOT buy the newer HPE DL20 gen9 or ML10 gen9 servers then
>>>> (especially
>>>> if using CentOS 6.x)
>>> What would you suggest as alternative, something from Dell?
>> Yep, Dell's are good.
> That´s good to hear.
>> And I do *not* want to buy from HP, because their
>> support is nothing like good.
> Indeed, I wouldn´t buy HP new.  They don´t even give you a price for
> a new battery for an UPS but tell you to open a ticket to get a price
> and expect you to pay for opening the ticket, and they have finally
> managed to completely mess up their web site so that you can´t find
> anything anymore.
>> And once you run out the warranty, they
>> don't want to even let you get things like firmware updates. Dell will.
> Yes, this is a really big problem which makes me look out for other
> manufacturers.  I really like their hardware, but the manufacturer not
> standing behind their product breaks the deal.
>> Another company that's ok is ThinkMate, though their support ain't
>> great,
>> I think they're better than HP...oh, sorry, for a server, it'll be HPE
>> (the company divided a year or two ago).
> I´ve never heared of ThinkMate.
>> If you get a Dell, and one of their PERC cards, you're getting a
>> rebranded
>> LSI, sorry, Avago, um, who bought it last? Those are good and reliable,
>> not super expensive.
> Those don´t work at all.  I had to return two of them because none of
> them
> worked in any of the boards I tried them, and the smart arrays I replaced
> them with work in the same boards.  Dell always had a reputation for
> making
> incompatible hardware, and that experience proved it.
> Maybe they work when you have Dell hardware, but I have none.

If you have not Dell server hardware my choice of [hardware] RAID cards
would be:

LSI (or whoever owns that line these days - Intel was the last one, I

With LSI beware that they have really nasty command line client, and do
not have raid watch daemon with web interface like late 3ware had (alas,
3ware after they were bought out several times by competitors were drawn
down out of existence).

Good luck!


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