[CentOS] skypeforlinux lacks dependencies, won't update

Tue Nov 21 07:39:41 UTC 2017
Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org>

On 21/11/17 19:55, wwp wrote:
>>>> Maybe. Unpacking the rpm works, anyway, I never encountered a single
>>>> binary issue since I use it like that (ordinary use, I probably don't
>>>> use that text encoding or whatever submodule which depends on a newer
>>>> libstdc++).
>>>> Please explain "Unpacking the RPM".  How is one to do that when there  
>>> are broken dependencies?  
>> Easy.
>>     rpm2cpio /path/to/whatever.rpm | cpio -idm
>> Probably best to do that in a temporary directory and see what you get.
>> See the cpio manpage for other options.
> Exactly. One could also install using `rpm -Uvh --nodeps
> skypeforlinux-64-0.rpm`, that worked too even if NOT solving the dep
> for uninstalled lib for the specific skype module.

The issue here is that the reason it's a dep is because at least some
component of the skype package was built against a libstdc++ that in
turn was built against a newer glibc than that provided by CentOS 7.
You are playing with fire trying to bypass the dep and install it
anyways.  You are much better off getting the skype from the insider
channel which was built without the newer library requirements.  After
installing it you can disable the insider repo and then you'll get newer
updates from the stable repo instead (which should hopefully work in the


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